Cyber Bullying

Bullying can be a horrible experience for anyone.  It can be particularly difficult when it takes place online (known as cyberbullying) as often it can feel like you can’t escape it … but there are steps you can take and support is available for you.

Most websites and social media platforms will have rules about online bullying as well as ways to report it if it’s happening to you or someone that you know.  It’s important to report bullying to the site so that they can investigate and take action to prevent the person continuing to bully you or anyone else.  Reporting bullying in this way also speeds up the process of the sites removing the content/posts that have caused you to be upset.

You can also block users on most sites and social media platforms.  Blocking the user means that they can no longer contact you through that account.  The person you block won’t get a notification that you’ve blocked them and you can always change your mind if you want to unblock them at a later date.

Wherever possible, you should take screenshots of the messages that have been sent so that you can produce them if needed.  You should talk about what has been happening with an adult that you trust such as a parent, a teacher or a mentor for example.  If you need further support or advice, check out the links on our sources of support page.




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