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It is estimated that around 46, 000 young people are involved in gang activity across the UK.  Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  However, there are well over 5 million young people in the UK.  That means for every 100 young people in the UK, less than 1 is involved in a gang.

Fortunately, Derby is on the whole a safe city to live in and there are very few young people truly involved in gangs, whatever you may hear.  Some young people will say that they are in a gang even though they are not in order to try and boost their status and to gain respect from you.

To help you understand what a gang is (and what the risks of joining a gang may be), check out our ‘What is a gang?’ page.

If you’re worried that you’re involved in a gang and aren’t sure what to do check out our ‘How do I get out’ and ‘Share it’ pages for information about help and support.



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