Follow these tips to make sure you’re keeping your mobile and other handy devices safe. If they enter the wrong hands your could become a victim of cyber crime!

Mobile phones contain so much personal information and they are becoming a gateway to getting further information from victims. This can include online banking apps and social networking apps.

‌If your phone is stolen the criminal has potential to access all sorts of information about you. Here are some tips to try and ‌prevent that from happening:

  • keep your mobile hidden - don't leave it on top of open bags, on seats or visible in your car
  • security tag your phone with a UV pen and register on a site like Immobilise - the UK national property register
  • use the keypad lock which most phones have and use a password or PIN - something easy to remember but not easy to guess
  • record serial numbers which can be found on either the battery or SIM case. It can also be located by dialling *#06#
  • restrict alternative network usage. Unsecured networks like non-password protected Wi-Fi connections are not only a security risk but will drain your battery
  • avoid having your Bluetooth turned on – people can send messages to open Bluetooth connections and this is an invasion of privacy
  • when you sync your mobile phone with your computer you may also be storing information on your phone from your computer - make sure you know what data is saved to your phone.