What can I do?

It’s never too late to get help if you’re worried about gun and knife crime, or are involved with it already. 

What if I am being pressured to carry?

You may think that you’ll be respected more or perhaps even feared if you carry a knife. You’d be risking a lot if you do. Are they really your friends if they’re pushing you to take on risks that could affect your future?

Don’t give in to them. Stay strong and make your own decisions. If you don’t carry a knife, there is no risk that you’ll use it.

Look at involving yourself in positive activities to make links with new friends who are a more positive influence.

Talk to an adult that you trust.

What if my friend is carrying?

Anonymous reporting via Fearless. This can make services aware so that they can offer support to your friend.

Talk to them and make them aware of the risks.

Signpost them to this site for support.

Talk to an adult that you trust (if you feel comfortable doing so).

The longer your friend is carrying, the more likely it is that they, or someone else, will get hurt.

What if I have been the victim of knife crime?

You might feel angry, upset or frightened – these are all normal emotions.

Carrying a knife yourself is not the answer. All this does is increase the risk of you being hurt or ending up with a criminal record.

If you haven’t already, you or someone you trust should report the incident to the police directly.

If you don’t feel comfortable reporting it to the police, you could report it anonymously though Fearless

If you feel that you need extra support, Got Your Back can be contacted to provide confidential support to help you move on


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