What are the consequences?

When it comes to a Hate Incident/Hate Crime we know that the only reason why somebody is doing something to effect/hurt another person is because of one of the protected characteristics, in simple terms because that person is ‘different’ which is not an excuse and never will be. To begin with, a Hate Crime is just that, a crime, it is a criminal offence which holds a criminal consequence. Because Hate Crimes are motivated by prejudice and hostility to another it is a very calculated and malicious act so the sentencing is tougher.

Other than the criminal consequences there is also the impact it has on the victim and those around them, also, the effect this may have on the offenders friends and family. This is usually referred to as ‘the Ripple Effect’. Usually, when a crime is committed the impact is not just felt by the victim but their close friends and family, they have to support the victim and seeing what a crime has done can really affect others mentally and emotionally. Similar to that of an offender, think if you were an offender of a crime and were sentenced to a Youth Referral Order or even imprisonment, how would this affect your mum, dad, grandparents etc. How would they feel, that in itself should be enough to stop this crime from happening and every other one. The main thing people talk about today and quote is ‘#BeKind’, can you truly hold your head up and say that you are?


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