What is a Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse which can also be called Domestic Violence is when somebody is in an intimate relationship with somebody or a close family member (parents, siblings, grandparents etc.) and there is a pattern of behaviour in that relationship where someone wants to gain and maintain control over the other. Domestic Abuse and/or Violence is something which does not happen once but multiple times and his ongoing. Example of domestic abuse and/or violence are:

  • Physical (hitting, pushing, punching, kicking etc.)
  • Sexual (forced sexual acts, lack of consent for intercourse or sexual acts etc.)
  • Emotional (bullying behaviour, name calling, verbal abuse, putting somebody down etc.)
  • Coercive Control (manipulating somebody to do what you want etc.)
  • Financial (taking somebodies money, not letting them have any money etc.)
  • Psychological (gaslighting and manipulation
  • Stalking/Harassment
  • Honour Base violence (includes Female Genital Mutilation, force marriage etc.)


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